Chase’s Short Sale Outreach Program Offers Different Payouts

The Short Sale Outreach program I wrote about earlier has a $15,000 option as well.  This letter is from one of my listings for a vacant lot.  Again this program truly is an “outreach” as this loan on this listing is current.

So far, Chase has still not asked for any sellers financial documentation to qualify for this program.  They only require the listing agreement, a Certified Market Analysis, and the Chase Short Sale Request Form filled out.  It is possible that they are offering a lower payout on this particular loan because it is just for a lot.  Perhaps they are testing different amounts to see what the response is.

View a copy of the letter here.

You can also download the Chase Short Sale Information Packet here.


I recently closed this transaction and shared my experience HERE.  You are going to find the process somewhat surprising.

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    […]Chase’s Short Sale Outreach Program Offers Different Payouts |[…]…

  3. Sue Ellett says:

    I was just asked to attend a Webinar about a program called Short Sale Outreach, although it doesn’t specify Chase, so I have been researching to try and get more information about it. Thanks for the post!

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